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Here we are on opening night at the Red Raven Gallery in Lancaster, Pa.  I am in the supporting role for my wife, Mary Roach-Bailey who was one of three women artists featured in this show. Her website is The show runs for the month of March.

This assemblage is focused on elements of the President Kennedy era, his image on the candied half dollar, the missile, the buttons. The antique nails driven through the wood is a reference to how he was sacrificed, and his influence was destroyed. The steel ball are in a game-like arrangement. The brass powder is to represent the influence of gold.

Gimber Long Rifle Replica

In 2017, a client of mine who lectures in period costume was informed that he would no longer be welcome to speak in certain schools with his authentic long rifle.  So he asked would a non-working replica be alright.  They responded as long as it was obvious that it was not real.  So we decided to make a wooden replica and leave the finish natural cedar.  He now is once again welcome to present his talks in period costume.

Art Stories 4 Holiday Ornament 2018

For several years now I have wanted to send friends and family something hand-made from me at the Holiday. An ornament seems to work well, either out of paper, recycled aluminum or copper.  I try to vary it each year, and I normally produce around thirty pieces.  This year I saw a program on Native Americans they explained that the symbol embossed represented the four directions of the compass and above and below. I was attracted to this reference, it resonated with me.

Additionally the edges are folded over for rigidity, and there are two raised areas representing stars as well as two Native American seed beads.  Each ornament is signed and dated. Several relatives have told me they display the ornaments together.

I was in Art School in the second half of the 70's, and running across Alexander "Sandy" Calder was like a breath of fresh air for me.  The possibility that sculpture could be fun was not common among the many sculptors that I was coming in contact with.  This piece developed over several years, with the four elements, the foam piece, the very thin wire, the counter-weights and the base all finding their way teach other slowly, until it seemed just right.  Base 2 3/4" x 3 1/2"  total height 9"
Art Stories 2 Secret Weapon
I have chosen to draw attention to the purposeful destruction of Native American families and culture through Germ Warfare.
This piece has a frontal embossing showing a Native American family in copper.  On top is a mica-covered space with found objects meant to represent micro-organisms.
The major portion of the sculpture is a cube of American Oak.  6"x6"x7"   Oak Cube, embossed copper, mica panels and found objects.
Here are a few photos from a recent trip to Switzerland and France. 
On the gondola in Grindelwald
Looking at the gardens- Chateau de Bagnols
Looking at the gardens- Chateau de Bagnols
Paris nocturne
Geese at Chateau Vault De Lugny France
Architectural excess in Fontainebleau France
Gallery D'Orsay Paris
Here are four images from recent trips where I photographed the lake in many of its moods. In each photograph the image of Wolf Island usually appears.  Numbered an signed prints are available on this website in the portfolio sections.
Blog Date 8/13/18   Sebastian Florida Photographic Mon. Series

These three photographs are part of a series I took recently while I was in Sebastian Florida.  My host had a fine pair of binoculars and I was enjoying looking through them. Then it came to me that it may be fun to try to see what would happen if i tried to photograph through the single lens of the binocular, making it a monocular or MON in the titles. I liked how they came out, so I had them printed large 15"x20', and the have a unique look.  You can see them all in the Sebastian Gallery. 
This piece has a solar collector that charges a battery during the day and when it gets dark it automatically lights up creating interesting light forms on the window and around the room.  When the sun comes up, it turns off.  It is the second of my illuminated sculptures.   
This 15"x20" laser jet print won Best of Show in the Meadville Council on the Arts June 2018 show.
Its title is "Wolf Island Morning"
My family has had a presence on Conneaut Lake in Crawford County Pennsylvania for three generations.
My grandfather loved to spend time on the lake fishing or taking great photographs of beautiful sunsets and violent storms.
This and other artworks are available on this website.  Thanks for viewing

This limited edition framed digital print, (15"x20"), entitled Wolf Island Morning recently won Best of Show in the June 2018 Meadville Council on the Arts Regional Juried Photo Exhibit.  I had a chance to see the show, and was impressed with all the work on display. I see this island from my cottage on Conneaut Lake in North Western Penna.

I felt very lucky to have been there at the right time with a camera.  The print was printed on acid-free paper with Archival Inks that have an expected life of 185 years.  The printer was Rick Davis, of Rick Davis Photo Communications. The color balance was directed by Mary Roach-Bailey, and is available on this website.

Here is a fine evening view from a third floor balcony looking east over the Indian River. This was shot in July 2018 but the ocean breezes kept the temperatures reasonable.
This is a painting I did for a friend/collector as the first in a series featuring the local watering holes near their condominium. This is the of the "Tiki Bar" a very active restaurant that has fine food and good music in a relaxing atmosphere. The print is on display there also.
This is the second in the series, of the "Squid Lips Grill", showing the view of the entry from the land, the grill is raised on pylons over the water.
This is one is the third in the series showing the entry to the Sand Bar at Captain Hiram's a fine location featuring good food and entertainment as well as boat rentals and tours.
Below is a view of the Sebastian Inlet Pier, we saw a manatee and a barracuda from the safety of the walkway.  This was my third trip to this interesting area.  Prints of the paintings shown in this blog are also available for purchase here on my website in the Florida Gallery, and were recently displayed at the Coral Mermaid Art Gallery.I hope you enjoyed this visit to Sebastian Florida.


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